MachOne Labradors is a new family owned kennel in the southtowns of Western New York.  We stumbled on this aventure the day we purchased Moose, Campbell Yard Chocolate Moose, he was purchsed as a pet but there was just something about him that told us he was much more than that.  Thanks to his breeder and our daughter-n-law's guidence the chance to enjoy the show ring with Moose has been a wonderful adventure.    I have met many people and the friendships that have grown from this experience are numerous.  Each and everyone of them has given me advise that comes from their experience that has been extremely valuable to me.

Our love of the Labrador breed started long before Moose, when our son was younger we had a guiding eye puppy, Cierra, that we raised in our home, the day we had to return her to Guiding Eyes was one of the hardest things we had to do, it left a huge void in our home.  Cierra was a black lab who was loved by all including our Austrialin Shepard Ebby.  One day I received a call from Guiding Eyes, would we like Cierra back she was too cautious with her ward.  Cierra was back with us by Christmas of 87, she was with us until  she was 8 years old. 

We started our new family of labs in 1997, Chessy, Chesapeak Whistler, was our 1st chocolate girl 6 months later we got JD, Wayfields Jack Daniels, he was a yellow (fox red).  Chessy and JD were just so laid back and wonderful pets who left us too soon at the age of 10.  We live in a cul-d-sac, full of pre-school kids, they loved the dogs and in turn the dogs loved them.

Moose came to our home in June of 2007, JD was his best buddy and they were inseparable.  Marley, Labs Landing Miss Marley joined our family in 2008, she is a beautiful almost white yellow lab. Moose and Marley were king and queen of the house until Shelby joined our family in April 2011.  Shelby, Campbell Yards Ride "Shelby" Ride at Mach-one is a beautiful black girl who thinks it's all about her.  

Our home is full of love for these 3 who have given us so much joy.  The future holds a dream of becoming a breeder of quality Labs.  From the first time I walked into a show ring to the first litter my breeder, Carol Pyne, Campbell Yard Labradors allowed me to whelp with her the wheels have been turning to make the dream a reality.

We have a new addition, Stella, Zinfndel's Great Expectation for MachOne.  Stella joined our family on September 3, 2013.  What a joy she has been.  Thank you to Joan and Gerardo Saldana, Zinfndel Labradors for this beautiful girl.

Member of the following clubs:
Iroquois Labrador Retriever Club, Inc.
National Labrador Retriever Club
Kennel Club of Buffalo